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For the Love of Zombies!

It is fast and fearsomely nearing the close of the 2011 calendar year, and a dilemma of horrific proportions is lurking on our ever-darkening horizon…

Amy, over at  Fix it or Die Deal, is running out of Zombies! {{choke!}}

It’s like a zombie-less apocalypse is coming…

You see, for those of you not in the know, on the first of each month, Amy makes a petite little 3-D paper zombie, from a 2011 Zombie Calendar she now has, and then writes a creepy, gross little brain-eatin’ zombie story to go along with it. But both Amy and faithful readers are getting nervous… is there going to be a 2012 Zombie Calendar, so that Amy’s graft and craft will be undead for another year? Or, shivers! Is this the end of Zombie Year?

I, for one, am a woman of affirmative action. Don’t you worry Amy and Fix It readers, alike! Spectrum Woman has, once again, come to the rescue!!!

Here is my own contribution to 3-D Zombie Year, 2012! A Zombie Ghost!

 Yeh, Yeh, Yeh, I know, that’s a double whammy. A Zombie and a Ghost? In one? you may be asking. But never fear. Spectrum Woman is so on this! She has designed the perfect combination of loathsome green rotting flesh and white plasma, ether-floating ghostliness. All of this, in the Spirit of Halloween.

You can worship and glorify me later.

So, Amy, in the most dreadful event of a zombie-less 2012, print this, cut out the ghost, and the accompanying ghost turds. Fold on the dotted lines, then stick the little tabs into the other places to hold it together. Or glue it together. Whatever.

Admittedly, I have never paper-crafted any 3-D creature before, so, there is a small possibility that my measurements are off, and that this could turn out to be a really crappy ghost-zombie with ghost-turds. But if that should happen, I can only assume that Amy’s 3-D paper-crafting skills are declining with age. Perhaps even senility. However, I am confident, most viewers would agree, my design here is flawless.

So, there you have it! Problem solved! The premier of the 2012 January 3-D Ghost Zombie.  With Turds.

I think I am in good company when I say, we all look forward to what you do with this, and the ghastly, flesh-rotting tale to come…

to read her collection of Zombie Tales, go here:

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Preparations for a Zombie Wedding

There’s a Zombie Wedding on the rise…

Thoughts Appear” is commencing a marital blog with “Fix it or Die“, against my best persuasion. Above is the wedding dress I designed, most recently, for Thoughtsappear. Below, for Amy at “Fix it or Die”…

There’s one more thing: Wedding Invitations.

I am not sure if either of these wedding gown designs will help the cause, but I am in the “helpfull” process of arranging cakes, desserts, salads, entre’s and more….

Plus, this pretty pink placard for all of the tables upon entering…

The Perfect Zombie Wedding Cake (cake image via Bing Images)

The Cake is perfect…I just need a few opinions, plus you must educate yourself by investigating both of these girls, at:

Amy, Fix it or Deal at:

And,  visit her Majesty at:Thoughtsappear:

Suffice to say, I was jealous of this Blog Wedding a first, and it has taken me a few weeks to settle down. But now, I am all about celebrating these newfound nuptials! (yes, right…)

I am willing to host the nuptials on my website, having proven my design skills. I would love to host the Reception… It’s up to everyone else??? Does this Blog Site have what it takes??? Skim and advise…

THIS JUST IN: Erin suggested this for the Wedding song:

So there is this song by a really good band called the Horrorpops Called “Walk Like a Zombie” copy and paste this link. I think it would be the perfect wedding song

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