About Spectra

My former Incarnation


 Spectra is not fully of this world.  This allows her to travel throughout time, in any direction, assuming whatever identities in whatever lifetime she requires to fulfill her destiny, and the destinies of all of those fortunate – and unfortunate – souls whom she encounters along her way.

SPECTRA was once a classic Film Noir leading lady. There is no absolute proof of this. It is just generally accepted.

Spectra possesses the wisdom of the ages.  Though she hides it well, for special effect only.

Spectra likes old things. Places. Buildings. Music. Classic Black and White films. But she is ageless.

Spectra currently has a few tiny mice living in her house.  But we all understand them to be lost souls who have known Spectra in a previous lifetime; some may even have been her lovers. She will never harm them, no matter what form their souls have found necessary to take in this current system of time. She will help them move on.

SPECTRA is a pretty good cook. Sometimes. As long as she doesn’t mix two of her favorite pastimes; drinking and cooking.

Spectra has won many important awards over the course of many lifetimes whilst manifesting in her many magnificent forms.  She prefers not to discuss the nature of her occasional failures. For example, that she was the muse whom inspired the first “pet rock”. But that was during the Stone Age, and everybody was doing crazy things back then.

Spectra invites you to peruse this site, where many of her gems and pearls of wisdom and advice often appear. And equally as often, her scathing, nefarious nostrums and misguided rants. She is only (currently) human, after all.

If you would like to communicate with Her Loveliness, leave your message in a comments section under any particular post which inspires you to do so. Spectra will gladly, eventually, acknowledge your presence.

SPECTRA SAYS: “Thank You for having the presence of mind to pay me a visit. My adoring staff will be glad to assist you in any way they are able. Good day.”




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25 thoughts on “About Spectra

  1. Hannibal Zouk

    I wish women today were still like women in the noir era–they weren’t afraid to actually have curves on their bodies, and it was considered attractive. Now, if a girl has thighs that are just a little wiggly, she totally freaks out and decides to starve herself into a -2.

    Anyways, I hope to learn more about Spectra, and share many a thought; and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be a mouse living in her home in the next life. :)

  2. Thank You for your kind and thoughtful comments…

    I agree on the ‘curves’ thing. I’m guilty of the thigh-envy problem, myself. Impossible standards to meet.

    Perhaps, through the majic of spectral-projection (astral to some) you already are living inside one of my mice! Just caught another, and gave it food and water, and he/she let me pet it just a little. I may wait to release it. I’m not SURE yet just who it is….

  3. Drinking and cooking. That made me laugh :) Umm…why? Been there! Couldn’t tell you why or even how I cooked whatever it was that was left half-eaten on the plate in the morning. That’s pretty scary. Not as scary as falling asleep in a plate of fettucini alfredo while watching late-night tv in the recliner after the bar though. Imagine how that would’ve been explained in the coroners report!
    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I love your bio. So damn original!

    • LMFAO!

      Falling ‘dead’ asleep in the alfredo would look bad on the police/coroners reports, but think how much WORSE the police photos would be -gag!

      These days I am more coherent when cooking, but in the past, years back, I swear, I made some shit that just not could be explained by any other reasoning, but that an ‘altered mind’ had created it. Some of it, looked like the result of a bad acid trip. I never warmed up the leftovers the next day.

      Having learned (mostly) my lesson – such as, you cannot substitute amonia for vinegar or peanut butter for butter everytime… you get the idea.

  4. I love film noir dames and drawrings of furry animals, too!

    • Welcome aboard my ride, madtane!

      It’s the photography of film noir that also impresses. I have a book of the old film noir movie posters that really sells that style with sizzle.

  5. I agree. Love the clothes and atmosphere of film noir. Your selected scenes are terrific. Satin nightgown with mocha lace—stain sheets. That is elegance.


    • Sadly, I prefer cotton. And by the word “stain”, I hope you meant “satin”? I do so try to not exhault the practice of using stained bed linens whenever possible.

      Thanks for subscribing!

      • OMG! Is my face red. I meant satin…oh no…what most people think?

        Love you writing…Jaye

        • Oh, just kidding around. You can’t edit your comments on other’s blogs once you hit “post” (which I detest! WordPress should make it so!)

  6. I love your blog! I just subscribed! :)

  7. Just discovered Spectrum Woman, and was tres excited to learn about Spectra. So glamourous. I believe I’ve found a new idol. One thing though, you really don’t need to worry so much about cooking and drinking at the same time. It’s all okay. Just try to make sure your guests drink faster and more than you do. Also, keep a little list in an easy-to-pull- out drawer right where you’re cooking and, if necessary, peek at it to remind yourself what you’re making. Or what you’ve forgotten to make. Serve dinner really late, after everyone has had too much to drink and they’re all starving and then they’ll be so hungry they’ll be happy to see any food at all, and they won’t really notice what you’re serving them. This usually works for me. Or you can just invite someone that knows how to cook and doesn’t drink too much, and make them do it all for you. I’ll shut up now. Looking forward to more posts…….

    • These are ALL great ideas. Maybe also, having a delivery guy come to the back door with some fancy Chinese stuff, put it on your good China. Only a very rude guest would say anything bad about your suspiciously ‘gluey’ dinner. Also, maybe have delivery guy help with opening all those little packets of soy sauce on the back porch. And when you invite dinner guests to enjoy a drink out back after dinner, hope they don’t notice the thousand little plastic packets scattered all over the yard.

      On second thought, make the guests bring their own dam dinner! WHY should I cook for these ungrateful people anyway?
      “Just try to make sure your guests drink faster and more than you do” seems to be the real solution. Thanks for your priceless advice. I hope it will help many others, as well.

  8. We can only hope. Anything to keep us from having to stop drinking! By the way, where can I find your Fence and Garden blog?

  9. Well, it’s not been updated in a month, so I better get to it! Here’s the link: http://fenceandgarden.wordpress.com/

  10. I have stumbled onto your site while time traveling myself! Love it!

  11. Your my kind of funny! Love your ghost post! And I agree, wordpress should make it so we can correct errors in spelling after we post! I hate that! I always miss my spelling errors until “after” the fact.

    • Sometimes, I will generously correct peoples spelling in their comment, after they’ve posted. I know they cannot fix it, plus, I don’t want new visitors thinking I am followed by a bunch of uneducated hoodlums.

  12. Dear Spectra
    After reading your Bio, I’m quite sure you and I competed for the same role of diva in a Jimmy Stewart movie. Only a few sparks of my Grace Kellydom remain; they seem to be overwhelmed by present Reba McEntire existence. Short of moving across the street from you, subscribing is the best way I know to keep tabs on your elegant brilliance. I will send all my friends who are biker chicks and pickle canners over to your blog. Hugs.

    • I can easily see the Grace Kelly resemblance in your drawn profile pic. I have a vague recollection of that time we both competed for the same movie role…asI recall, you won the day. I have been furiously jealous ever since!

  13. Ok so I’m curious.
    In April you mentionned on The Good Greatsby’s blog that you would be doing a practical joke involving a swimming pool and a cemented mannequin.
    How did it go? Did you actually do it?

    • LOL – I can’t even remember that! I’ll have to go back and check his post and see what promted that comment. If at all possible, I will then execute my threat. If I can just rememeber what it was ;)

      Thanks for stopping by

      • Well, he was talking about one of his jokes, where he filled a mannequin with cement and dumped it in a pool, and then the lifeguards were freaking out and one of them drowned.
        You said he’d given you an idea for a joke ;)

  14. Hi, my name is Victoria from a crafting blog called Crafty Girl. Your blog is one that I have looked at from time to time, and I have nominated your blog in turn for an award called Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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