Ghost Blogger/Ghost Bride


ghost blog (goe-st bu-log) noun. 1. a misty substance where once before there had been a blog,  2. a blog written by a ghost, or undead being  3. any web blog which has dried up and ceased to produce substance or posts.  syn  ghost town; dead blog

                                   .             .              .             .              .

So, where have I been all these months? you may be asking yourself. ((shrugs)) Right  here, in front of my computer, not writing posts. When you have a blog and you don’t keep it up-to-date, because, ya know, your life is so gawdawful busy, well, that’s when you end up with a ‘ghost blog’. So in celebration of my newly found GHOST BLOG Status, I present to you Kelly McBride, a tiny dollhouse-scale miniature Ghost Bride.




So that’s what I’ve been doing :) Making arty things. Oh. And plus I went on vacation. Because I am infamous for my perfect timing, I flew into Palm Springs just in time for the record-setting heat wave that swept across the great western deserts.


There were plenty of palm trees. And lunch at the famous Riviera with a poolside view on the 4th of July.


The Riviera, Palm Springs CA



Not “me” in the photo!

 The Riviera Spa and Resort was the cool spot back in the day, where Hollywood celebrities came to see each other and be seen . Your Frank Sinatras, Bop Hope, Jack Benny, your Marilyn Monroes. Speaking of whom…there is a visiting giant sculpture in downtown Palm Springs of Marilyn. Here she is, with me all ant-sized beneath her:


My second day there, my friend arranged a group mani-pedi at a local spa. The owner made the mistake of offering our group wine or champagne. We took that to mean “open bar” and had glass after glass. After glass. I stepped outside, and it was so hot my eyelashes curled up into tiny ashes and died. It was 122 degrees in the desert that day!


Outside the Spa, 122 degrees

 But one of the guys with us had a pool. So we went over there for a swim. I brought along another bottle of champagne. They also had crispy white wine., a delicate Sauvignon Blanc, as I somewhat am able to recall… Drinking and swimming when it’s 122 degrees outside? spectacular!


I left just before the fires which headed toward Palm Springs a few days later. Home. Time to get back to work. More art dolls.

101_0542 101_0335 101_0158 101_0277 101_0236 101_0165 101_0114 101_0205


So that’s it. That’s my update. My post. Proof positive that I am alive. So I’ve just de-ghosted my ghost blog!!! And now I’m off for some more allergy testing. You know the kind, where they stick a hundred needles in your arm? Yeh. that.

And what have you all been up to? do tell…

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10 thoughts on “Ghost Blogger/Ghost Bride

  1. Glad you’re doing OK. Those dolls are fun in the creepiest way!

  2. Missed you and your bent and twisted take on the world. Glad that you have surfaced – and love the fruits of your industry.

  3. So talented, Spectra! Glad to hear you’re alive and kicking……..

  4. spectrum2

    Sounds like a fabulous trip to me!

  5. Remember those old claymation movies from way back when? You should totally make little movies with your characters. Take a pic, then move their arms a couple millimeters, then another pic… and on and on. That would be totally cool and you could definitely work the “I’ve been busy” excuse!

  6. filbio

    Your dolls are amazing! Glad you had a good vacation and some time off. Great pics!

  7. I’m happy to see a post from you! I love seeing your dolls!

  8. Hey – I know you! Love the dolls and glad you had a good time on vacation.

  9. So about 10 days ago, I thought I saw in my email a notification that you’d posted with the headliner: Ludicrous,
    But I was on a teeny-screened phone, and when I got to a computer a couple of days later, I couldn’t find the notice. NOR any email notifications that anyone in the WordPress world had posted. It’s as though WordPress dried up and became a “ghost host.” So maybe my “Missing notification” problem began a long time ago, because I didn’t see this post either. Glad you’re taking a break and then in between making your fantastically lovely dolls. I still have Lambie that you gave me on my desk. It’s a nice reminder of you and your creativity.

    • Howdy Lady! Nothing wrong with your notifications – I posted then privatized this post, which I will again. Glad to know you and Lambie are doing well – I’ll have to stop over your place soon!

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