Why I Miss Having a Dog

Here’s why I miss having a dog. After watching this awesome clip – you’ll either want to adopt a dog, or a really egoless cop. 

If more cops wrote us poems, we wouldn’t mind the ticket part so much.

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12 thoughts on “Why I Miss Having a Dog

  1. Haha. Went to look at puppies this weekend. Almost decided a trip to jail was totally worth dognapping them all :)

    • why I don’t go to shelters or Puppy stores. I’d want them all. Ya know, those small ones can fit right under your jacket?

  2. Hilarious! Yes, I always rely on my dogs’ judgment about who I am. They haven’t been wrong yet.

  3. Non-dog folks simply do not understand total commitment.

  4. filbio

    To me having a dog is like having a part of the family at your side. They really are people!


  5. :D I think I saw this somewhere recently!

  6. THat cop-as-dog routine would have been more believable if the cop sniffed him thoroughly, leaving a big, wet spot in an embarrassing place.

    • Absolutely, Peg…probably just an oversight of the writers…more proof you should be writing professionally :-)

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