Side Note: Kittens Make Everything Better.

I went hunting on You Tube yesterday for an old song, “What’s Up”, by the band 4 Not Blondes. I found it on VEVO, preceeded by the following ad.

Usually, I skip an advertisement as soon as possible…but for some reason, I was compelled to sit through this one. The entire thing. And then replayed it.

Multiple times.

Watch it and see if you can tell me why?


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52 thoughts on “Side Note: Kittens Make Everything Better.

  1. digipicsphotography

    What’s his number??? ;-)

  2. Maybe they could get him to do a commercial for kitten adoption ~ I’ll bet he’d get more response than the usual Kitten Showers at Animal Rescue! I think he probably starts more fires than he puts out!!

    • Oooh – great idea ;) I love him. I loved him from the moment I first laid eyes on him. We were just meant to be
      I really love how at one brief point (1.08), his shirt just disappears :) Oh, yeah.

  3. I love this. It’s the exact opposite of a beer commercial.

    • Oh, baby, yes it is. I love the way he stares into the camera while mixing the drink. Licks the spoon… come on over my place, Mister Fireman. any time

      • He even pours drinks without looking. How does he do that? The kitten probably licks it up.

        • Well, he’s a genius, for sure. THATS how he does it…do I sound defensive? whatever…I said I love him. what more do you want from me???

  4. My God! That kitten is amazing! Did you see his (the kitten’s) smouldering eyes and seductive ways? Damn, I love cats! I could watch them all day!

    • That little Kitty sure did have the most seductive smouldering eyes – completely dreamy even.

      Missed you ’round here.

  5. I want to know why he put that damn shirt back on???? I think I have a kitten up a tree around here somewhere that demands immediate…satisfaction.

  6. That is the best commercial I have ever seen in my entire life.

    • AHHHH….amen. yes. the very best so good. Then I had to jump over into the city today, and ya know, not get murdered and everything

  7. You are a bad evil woman for starting so many fires world wide. I cannot see how even that enchanting kitten can be present at all these fires simultaneously. And mine is a wild fire – I don’t think it can be extinguished quickly. I hope it can’t.

  8. Swoon. Is this not the most clever advertising in a century? A sexy man, who discusses clothing, mixes drinks and rescues kittens. I’m thinking they had a list of “attractants” and threw darts to come up with a combo for that ad. Now, here’s the interesting question…without looking…does anyone remember the name of the alcohol? I can’t even remember if it was vodka or tequila. I’d better watch it again.

  9. I have no answers, but great post!

    • Just be as sexy as him, mix great drinks for your hotel guests, and life will always be just fine :)

  10. All I can say is “Mmmmmm….”

    • Oh. Mmmm is just the perfect response!

      Hey! Thanks for the great dinner last night. And, ya know, me not gettin’ murdered and everything ;)

  11. Isn’t bringing a kitten into the mix almost cheating?
    Just sayin’. :)

    • Well…of course it’s cheating. Yes. They cheated us. But. Out of what? A crappy reality without kittens? Or firemen?
      Cheat me. Cheat away. Souza Tequilla. You own me.

  12. Let me hijack this post to say: Yes, I did get lambie. Sorry to make you wonder. Lambie’s been a great help this last week. I sent an email a couple weeks ago, but just now resent it in case I addressed it to some strange planet. Look for Lil’ Lambie in my blog which should be out this weekend, if I’d sit down and finish the photos. Hugs and thanks for such a great prize for your SUPER Snowman contest.

    • Hah! HIJACK AWAY! Good to know :) I haven’t dug into my emails, what with all the billions of comment notifications wordpress flooded me with. I’ll go back and check now. And I look forward to your postie.

  13. Brilliant! I have no other words for this :)

  14. Dr. Jensen

    Kittens DO make everything better.
    I trust you’ve seen this video?

    • Now, that was really funny. Who is the He Man guy? They sure sent an awful lot of time making this cartoon. It’s one of my favorite songs, and now he’s my favorite fake guy.

      • Dr. Jensen

        Well, He-Man from the cartoon/comic in the 90′s of course. They just took clips of the cartoon and smooshed them together to make a little music video. I watch it every day. My life isn’t the same without it…

  15. That’s awesome, thanks for sharing it w/ Susie’s party goers… I never would have seen it if not!

  16. Have no idea why you watched it … twice!!! :-)

  17. Oh, my! Hello, Kitty… Women everywhere are going to be buying kittens and throwing them up trees hoping for that guy…only to be sorely disappointed! :-D Awesome. So glad you shared this on Susie’s page!

    • Welcome, Kitt – I hadn’t even thought of that ‘throwing kittens up into trees” angle. I think you are onto something BIG!

  18. Well, of course! Who can resist a lovely kitty and a hunk? Great mixture! LOL! (Susie sent me)

  19. As a bloke – very funny. But why would a guy drink light beer, shirt on or off? Great post.
    Susie sent me.

    • You’ve got yourself a good point there, Colin. He could drink mud for all we women care. I guess he just works hard at keeping a svelte figure.

  20. One word. OLE!
    What a HOT video! Thanks so much for bringing a link to the Wild Ride today! I hope you are having fun clicking on other blogs, I mean chatting people up in the comment section!

  21. Wow. What was the commercial for again? I forgot. I was distracted. I think I want a drink now.

    Thanks so much for sharing this! :)

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