How to Add Drama and Sex Appeal to Your Word Press Comments

I was reading this post over at Elyse’s blog yesterday, Fifty Four and a Half, concerning the most recent Word Press “improvements”.… ahem

One of her comments addressed our inability to create italics or bold words while making comments on other people’s blogs. ENTER: Spectrum Woman to the rescue.

If you’d like to be the one of the coolest blog commenters out there, and be more like me (you know you’ve been dreaming about that) then just do what I do. Paste some Code.

For Italics

Before the word or phrase you’d like to italicize, write this    <em>

Type your word/s.

To close italics and continue writing in regular upright text, type  </em>

It will look like this in your commentbox:   <em>I am the greatest commenter </em>

The html code will evaporate once you hit “Post comment”, if you did it right, that is.


Just before the fascinating word or phrase in a comment which you’d like to sex up, type  <strong>

Type your enthralling, show-stopping bold words.

Now, to end bold, and prevent an entire comment being an obnoxious loud-mouth shout at another bloggers hearing-sensitive readers, type  </strong>

Your comment will look like this: I am <strong> so angry</strong> about that.

For BOLD Italics

 To make the sentence “I am so angry about that” look like this: “I am so angry about that!” type this:

I am <strong><em>so angry</em></strong> about that.

Just piggy-back the code. Don’t forget to leave a space after your code is entered. I’ve used the color red solely to enhance my scholarly instructions. You don’t need to type in red. Just type the html code, remember to end the code with the / when finished, and I guarantee it – you will be the coolest, sexiest Word Press Blog commenter out there. Well, next to me, of course.

Does it Work?

You be the judge.

Here is an ordinary, unenhanced comment left on, say, The Good Greatsby’s Blog where looking cool is mandatory:

Ordinary, Wal-Mart Level Comment:


Ha! I was going to say that myself in my next blog post, but you beat me to it…are you somehow hacking into my Word Press account and reading my drafts? you big turd.


Sure, you express yourself, making a standard, Greatsby-Level comment. But how can you be sure your comment got noticed by other, possibly cooler-than-you commenters?

Try this, with your new code-awareness skills:

Sexier, Stylized Comment


HA! I was going to say THAT myself, but you beat me to it…are you somehow hacking into my Word Press account and reading my drafts? you big turd.

As you can see, the second, stylized comment is far superior to the first, more pedestrian, Wal-Mart-level comment. The choice is now yours. With my trustworthy instruction, you no longer have to get buried in the averageness of man. You can now, finally, stand apart, appearing mysteriously superior to your contemporaries, and they will know it. Your comments on someone elses blog will now win their own thread of comments, basically ignoring your host, because others will want to bask in your shining commentiness. Your blog will experience a spike in both hits and subscribers. I’ll take royalty payments here, cash only please.


Your HOMEWORK  For Today

I’d like to see each of you who reads this post express your newfound code wisdom in the comments section, and show me your faster, sexier, showier commenting skills.

Thank You for your attention to this matter.


NOTE: In the comments sections, below, Hippie Cahier states that there is an easier method; 


For bold, use <b> and for italics try <i>. It worked for me in my own comments, but may not work when commenting on someone elses blog. Feel free to experiment here in your comments, to see what works.


- plus this link for more experiementing: where you can also learn to add coloto your comments. Use this code,

<FONT COLOR=”blue“> add your Test text here then.</FONT>


and edit “blue” with colors, such as “GREEN” “AQUA”, “FUSCHIA” or “TEAL”, etc, to add color comments.


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47 thoughts on “How to Add Drama and Sex Appeal to Your Word Press Comments

  1. Spectrum Woman is now officially A Superhero.

    Now if you could just get Word Press to stop messing with our stuff, I will personally finance a movie about your super powers. <em.Once I win the lottery.

    • Oops.

      • Well Done, Elyse! You are on your way to sleeky cool suave-ee-ness.
        You can see when you tried again, you forgot to close the code with the 2nd >, and what you got was some ugly, unwanted code farts. Please don’t leave code farts on my blog.

        Practice makes perfect So keep trying, my little grasshopper :)

        • I do try not to fart, and will certainly try harder to not fart here on your blog. That’s why I have my own!

          Seriously, thank you so much for the help.

          • You’re welcome :) Did you see Hippie Cahiers comment? She uses i for italics and b for bold, between those mathy-looking < things. It worked for me, but not her.

  2. I suppose it’s old school (maybe?), but I’ve been using “b” instead of “strong” for bold and “i” instead of “em” for italics and it has worked, but as you correctly ahem, WordPress changes with the weather, so who knows if that still works. Basic HTML code tags are fun. I think I’ve experimented with font style and font color, too, but I don’t recall whether it worked. I’ll try again. See more here: .

    • It didn’t work.

      • Let me try your way; it’s simpler.

        This is a comment using old school html code.

        • HEY!!! It works!!! I’ll leave instructions in the post to read your comment. It’s just better :)

          • Now I’m going to try a different FONT, which I grabbed from the link you left:
            Test text This is a Font test for ‘symbol’ lettering.
            That didn’t work. Next, a color test for blue:

            Test text.

            • YAY! The blue text test works! Just visit the link Hippie left for your own color tests ;)

              • SAMPLE TEXT COLORS:
                Test text for PINK.
                This is GREEN color text.
                This is PURPLE text.
                LIME colored text.
                AQUA text is also possible.Just substitue the right color names
                MAROON Test text.
                TEAL COLOR TEST text.

          • Cool! It’s good to know both because you never know when one’s going to not work anymore. :-) Kudos to you, Code Queen!

  3. I spent the better part of a year of blogging before I got up the nerve to ask someone how to do frickin-fracken italics. I use “i” with the bracket thingy and the slash dealio and it seems to work.

    But thank you for helping me with the Bold. But do you know what really makes you look COOL (and I’ve no doubt all of the Good Greatsby fans love)? Using all caps. I do it ALL the time. Worked for Owen Meany. Is it annoying? MAYBE. but I still do it from time to time, sexy or NOT. Am I yelling? Or just very excited? Who knows, that’s the mystery and it’s super SEXY. (plus I’m too lazy to do italics…)

    By the way, can you clear this up for me…how many “ha”s are acceptable in the wordpress world? I normally use one “Ha!” but sometimes I feel a “hahaha!” is more effective, especially if I’m laughing so hard I’m choking. Any thoughts on this matter? (I take it the LOL is no longer considered sexy…)

    • I’m barfing out my butt with laughter at your use of “HA!” and your sincere queries that followed. I like the singular “HA” sometimes. Other times, when I can see a dame is properly overwhelmed with silly chuckling, I would agree, the “hahhahaha” thing seems okay.

      However, as I am a re-transplant to Jersey, where additude is KING, I will only submit to a more sinister “Heh heh heh”.
      Sounds sneaky. Under handed. Devious. I like it.

      • Duly noted. Heh heh heh.

        • dammit. I tried to put ‘heh heh heh’ in blue and nothing.

          • Delete the “text test” but leave the . period at the end of the words you want colorized. Also, use the right case size for colors, ie: blue,GREEN,fuschia, TEAL, MAROON, etc – all shown on the link Hippie provided. And you will one day be WINNING CAPTION CONTESTS in colors of the rainbow too glorious to ignore. I assure you! time for my wine…it’s sunday for goshsakes!

  4. In theory, the difference between “i” and “em” is that “I” means “use italics“, and “em” means “use whatever you (the stylesheet or the browser) think is appropriate to show emphasis“, which usually turns out to be italics (but might be something different, especially for a text-to-speech browser). Similarly, the difference between “b” and “strong” is that “b” means “use bold type” and “strong” means “use whatever you think is appropriate to show strong emphasis“, which usually turns out to be bold type (and of course you can combine them, for, I guess, emphatically strong emphasis, or maybe extra-strong emphasis).

    I’m sorry this comment has been so dry and pedantic.

  5. Oops, sorry — there were supposed to be colors in that last comment.

    • Just try, try, then try again.
      I appreciate your melba-toast dry comment, because I had no idea about the logic behind code and how it actually relates to what we write in our comments.

      • he heh heh…
        I just actually nailed this whole color font thing.
        And you sho didn’t.

    This is either really exciting or really time consuming

  7. Elephant's Child

    At. the. end. of. another. bad. day. you. are. making. both. of. my. brain. cells. hurt. I have printed your wizardry out, and will try tomorrow. Or the day after.

    • Sorry I hurt your final pair of Brain Cells. But looks like you’ve mastered the italics and the BOLD look.
      You are on your way to commenting Supremency.

    Let’s get those smarmy turd heds to allow us to edit or delete our own comments on other’s blogs. Fix our speeliing or change our minds. WHY must our comments end up as prisoners on someone elses blog, never to be rescued by us once we’ve submitted ourl mwispwelled thoughts?

  9. Hey, I forgot to try this. I’m a day late and a dollar short.. I took an HTML class, but dropped it the second week, saying I’ll buy an HTML editor if I ever want to write in this stuff.
    I’m supremely, lazy, but thanks for making us cool.

  10. I’m still working on forming a coherant thought, Spectra…
    all this ‘style’ stuff seems kind of advanced for a maroon like me! :)

    • D-oh! Not only did my color code not apply but I’ve managed to spell coherent wrong. See what I’m saying?!

      • the color code seemed to work for me in my own comments, but not when commenting on others’ blogs – so it’s not yourfault.. WordPress is just funky about these things. Your ego has been spared.

        • *whew* I was sure it was just me!
          You must have been into writing code, Spectra?
          I haven’t heard anyone mention piggy-backing since the ONE webdesign class I took a billion ones and zeros, er, years ago… :)

          • I have no training or back ground in code – it’s because I am so disabled that I struggle to learn a few things. That’s funny about the term “piggybacking” be used for real in web design. I just made it up ;) because ya know, one code was taking a ride on the other. LOL I feel smart now.

    • I only posted it because Elyse over at her blog had raised the how-to question, and I figured most people don’t read blogs on the weekends, so most disinterest parties would be spared.

      Sorry if my post confounded you. Go have a beer. On me.

  11. How did I miss this post? It is life changing. I’d write this in colourful, italicized bold print, but I’m already late for my date and gotta go. Must come back later and play. Or not. But I so want to be cool……

    Spectra, you’re the best (in caps!)

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