2012 Philadelphia Flower Show – Part 4: Shop Displays

Hawaiian Surfboard Table

Well, it’s taken me over a week to unload the bulk of the hundreds of photographs I took at this years Philly Flower Show. Today I will cover the vendor shops displaying their wares within the show, and finish up tomorrow with the lovely Hawaiian themed miniature room showcases.

Wooden Cat Clock


Copper Wire Wrapped Flower Display Test Tube


Those Air Plants in Southwestern Pots

Clay Floral Jewelry

Birdhouse Gourds

Folk Hand Painted Easter Egg Gourds



Garden Potpourri





UpCycled Luggage

And, finally, the Point When I almost Lost it:

THE Boot Guy

This young Irish guy is trying to demonstrate weatherproof leather garden boots – - -

- – - and I decide to photograph the young guy modeling these boots, standing with one boot in a plastic pan of water… I used to have a horse in rainy Washington State, where it rained over 300 days a year. Leather boots, though haute cool, were just impracticle for this mushy muddy climate…I bought the less cool weather and water protected vinyl western boots to handle my horseing needs. That there was a new product that promised additude protection plus dryness seemed important. I tried to line up my shot,  but the human flood of bodies closed in, knocking me out of range and focus…I finally broke down and began swearing, also wondering how soon we could get to the wine and liquor tasting zone  :)

 The last photo post will include the miniature displays.

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17 thoughts on “2012 Philadelphia Flower Show – Part 4: Shop Displays

  1. Elephant's Child

    I am grateful beyond words. Thank you. How long did you spend there? So long as I could have potty and wine breaks (and those cat clocks certainly said ‘wine o’clock’) I could have spent many happy hours there (assuming of course the absence of most other people).

  2. We were there 4 hours, and it really flew by. The wine/liquor tasting setup is at the end. We were in a rush to leave so only sampled a few, but left in a buzzed state of mind. No wonder we put up with the crowds – it’s a great show.

  3. So… was this take right before The Lord of the Dance bit?
    Because I’m guessing that’s the part of the demo that moves merch… :)

  4. Thank you for explaining what the boot guy was doing. I’m a cat person, so I was trying to figure out why he was standing in a litter box.

  5. I was actually afraid the guy with the boots was standing in a bin filled with manure aka fertilizer). So glad it was only water!!!
    I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it is to be able to leisurely tour the Flower Show. Thank you so much for your hard work, survival skills and great photos!!

  6. wow. This was amazing. Thanks for elbowing people out of the way so you could take these pictures, and I could sit here drinking Dr. Pepper and enjoying it. I noticed on campus yesterday, *it was snowing), all of the girls wore rubber rain boots. Now if I could get the muck off mine, I’d be in fashion.

  7. Wow. WOW! Such amazing pictures. Looks like it was a fantastic trip.

  8. Spectra, you’re a dear to post such awesome pics. I have saved your Flower Show posts just for tonight. I’m exhausted from working in the garden all weekend, I just had a hot bath and some Tylenol, and now I’m enjoying your blog as a preclude to sleep. So delightful. A thousand thank yous!

  9. Are you sure he was modeling boots and not modeling the new ‘Irish Guy Standing in Water 5000′ living sculpture that all the hippest celebrities have in their homes?

  10. There’s some sterling horticultural work on display here. The level of planning, patience and commitment is admirable.I must confess I’m not particularly green-fingered myself, except for a one-week period in 2002 that I am not a liberty to discuss in detail. Suffice to say the garden centre closed soon afterwards, and it took them six weeks to round up the remaining nuns. I have had a cactus for about six years now, though I suspect it’s been dead for the last two.

    PS: If you’re interested, I have a proposition for you on my site. Nothing salacious, I’m too classy for that.

    • Sure thing, Master – make me an offer I can’t refuse :) I’ve been a non-blogger lately, but finally posted today. COmment here or email me at siclegdeer@yahoo.com I usually forget to check emails, so a comment directing me to it would be helpful.

      Also, if your cactus is dead, it makes a much better houseplant.

  11. Just checking on you. How are you? Miss you.

    • Hiya, Barb! Just been away from writing for awhile. But will beosting Snowman Contest Rewards this morning :) Come and pick your prize.

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