A ‘Fat Carrot’ Salad for a Slimmer, Post-Thanks Giving You

After raking up some leaves in the back yard this afternoon, I decided to ‘harvest’ a few carrots, along with some other herbs, to make soup from the one paltry turkey drumstick from our Thanks Giving dinner, which I barely managed to wrestle away from my hungry brothers-in-laws. They are much bigger than me, and the one used to be a body builder, so the fact that I came up from the scuffle with anything other than the gnawed-up bird carcass is no small miracle. I wrapped my precious drumstick in plastic, with dreamy visions of turkey soup in my head, and hobbled home.

Bending down on one knee in the remnants of my vegetable garden, I brushed away some browned oak leaves, and dug my fingers down into the soft black soil…I wasn’t sure what I’d taken hold of, as it felt huge….gigantor huge! – and out from the ground, my dirty hand tugged up this surprising monstrosity:


That’s One FAT Carrot!

And I’ve got GIANT hands!!! Here it is compared with the others I picked:


Did you know carrots had whiskers? No? See… You learn something new here at Spectrum Woman, almost every day. I like the one of the far left, with the waistline. Very Dainty. But still, she really oughta pluck those whiskers from her chinny-chin-chin. Why’s the BIG GUY turning his back on her? And is that his butt-crack I spy? Why is he mooning her???

I’m Inspired to create a ‘Fat Carrot’ Salad

One of those sensuous carrots ended up in a fine herb salad, made with the last of the seasons lingering salad greens; chicory, orange fetticus, sorrel, and arugula. This was all nicely topped with fresh lavender buds, nasturtium and yellow marigold (all edible flowers), and tossed with sage, fennel fronds, hyssop, mint leaves, greek oregano, parsley, thyme and rosemary. Sliced onions (optionally, chopped green onions). I even managed to dig up a few little grape tomatoes that had fallen on the ground after the mother plants were yanked out last week. 

This was a serious salad.

Unless you serve it on a cool, atomic-age, Mid-Century plate - It won't taste the same.

Lemongrass Vinaigrette Dressing 

Lemongrass Infused Vinegar, Infusing Itself

A simple vinaigrette seemed in order for this herby, flowery salad. To begin, I had infused White Balsamic and Rice Vinegar with fresh lemongrass stalks. If you’ve never infused white vinegar before, it’s simple. Raspberry is a favored version, but here, the lemongrass was cut, the ends sliced and frayed open, to release more of the lemony flavor. You put those in your bottle or jar, then pour on your chosen white vinegar (wine, sherry and cider vinegar overpower the taste of what you’re infusing, so lean towards white vinegars). Cork or cap the bottle, set aside for about 3 days, then strain.

A good, mild formula for whipping up a homemade vinaigrette, at least for my little taste buds, is a ratio of 2 parts olive, grape seed or canola oil to one part infused vinegar. That keeps calories down, but if you can handle a 1:1 proportion, then that’s even better, as vinegar has almost no calories. 

Shake or whisk the oil, infused vinegar, salt and pepper until emulsified, then do what you normally do with salad dressings.

This gratuitous little freebie recipe is intended to help you all slim down, and get into fighting condition for your Black Friday Weekend Holiday Shopping Marathon. (you can thank me in the comments section).

Though you, like me, may have lost your Turkey Battle this thanksgiving to some meatier relatives, you don’t have to completely lose this battle-of-the-bulge over the Holidays, after all.  Follow my advice, and shave a clean 1-2 pounds off your waistline this merry season…I mean, of course, after gaining the customary 10-12 pounds that you are, statistically, perhaps even ethically, obligated to pack on. So, here you are, with a plan to only pack on a mere 8 or 10 lbs. by New Years Day.

Happy Militant Shopping, Everyone!


Enticed Yet???

And so, now I must ask you all:

What is your Fat-Prevention Plan for the Holidays?  

Or, your weight-gain strategy? Anyone?

*all photos © by Spectrum Woman Images

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32 thoughts on “A ‘Fat Carrot’ Salad for a Slimmer, Post-Thanks Giving You

  1. That’s one nice looking salad, and that has to be the biggest darned carrot I’ve ever seen! :D

  2. We grow carrots as well. They are little modern-art sculptures that grow into the ground. To fight the weight, I walk and dig. My wife gives me dirty looks at Thanksgiving dinner. I say, “I am a bear, going into hibernation.”

    • Now, that’s actually a mighty fine argument. This was my first year to grow carrots successfully, since childhood, that is. They’re fun to pull up, always wondering what size and shape they’ll be.

  3. Yummo. That salad looked great. And raw carrots are the only way I will eat them (except carrot cake of course).
    Today I have made another five Christmas cakes and annointed them with rum and brandy. They will get another cap full every other day till D day. I have also got the fruit for the next lot of cakes soaking in yet more booze. With luck that will be the last cake making before Xmas, though shortbread and cheese straws are also mandatory.
    Christmas here is usually viley hot, and my chosen meal is fruit salad. I make an absolutely HUGE bowl full and live on it for a week. Other people can forage for their own meals.

    • Those fruit cakes sound wonderful! They get a bad rap here in the States, but I knew a woman in Washington who made them, much as you’ve described, and come Christmas, I was surprised at how good they were – not at all like the dense bricks you find in stores.
      ANy chance we’ll see that recipe on your blog soon?
      Uh, just what are cheese straws?

      • Shop bought Christmas cakes are fairly ordinary here too. If you would like it I will post the recipe – the cake you have when you are having a drink. I suspect if you had much you would risk blowing over the limit if breathalised. Cheese straws are a little like shortbread but, instead of being sweet, tasty cheese, parmesan and a little cayenne pepper is mixed with butter and flour. I guess they could be any shape but our family has always made them in fingers – about 1/2 inch wide and three or four inches long. They go very, very well with a cooling drink.

  4. I knew it. I knew it. The post started off la-te-dah about losing weight and eating healthy. It was even camouflaged with a beautiful salad of natural, organic vegetation, and big honking root vegetables. But of course, this was a thin-velied disguise to drink, and eat rowdy food. Count me in.

    • Nothing like an organic herb salad with a Candycane Martini to shed those Holiday pounds, Barb – you and you alone figured out the secret code embedded in this post.

  5. I still have about 6-7 pounds to go on my weight loss challenge. Unfortunately, I have two whole pumpkin pies in my refrigerator right now. I love pumpkin pie for breakfast, but I think I’m going to be in big trouble if I don’t just throw the stuff away. I’m preparing myself for that concept right now.

    That’s one fantastic salad there! I think elephant’s child is helping me decide to make a whole bunch of healthy low fat stuff and that way I won’t be tempted by pie.

    • Pumpkin Pie is the most excellent breakfast food. You got your vegetable, dairy and protein (eggs) grains (crust) all in one heavenly slice! If you froze some of that pie, you could live on it right through Christmas ;D

  6. I’m no expert on vegetables, but I’ve never seen carrots like that. Do your carrot seeds or whatever come from Chernobyl’s exclusion zone? That would’ve made Bugs Bunny a very different show. “Nyaaahhh, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry, Doc…”

    • HaHaha…they do look suspisciously radioactive…ever see the Giligans Island episode where a box of radioactive seeds washed up on the beach? Everything grew super huge and gave them superpowers…the carrots gave Mrs. Thurston Howl III telescopic vision.

      It’s a classic. I couldn’t find that clip, but here’s the girls singing ‘You Need Us’

      • I’ve never seen Gilligan’s Island, but if this clip is indicative of the series as a whole, I missed out on something quite special.

  7. Lovely photos! I’m a carass-plucked, always have been. I learnt how to carve the bird by sitting at my father’s feet like a dog, waiting for scraps (watching allllll that time!).

    I have no strategy but everybody who has known me for multiple years learns there an “Eating Season.” It typically begins on my birthday (exactly 2 months before Christmas) but some years, it’s starting sooner. This year, beginning October with a week amongst Italians meant I started almost a month early. I’ve been so out of shape now (since some injuries) that I know it’ll eventually go the other way but I’m not sure when!

    • At least sitting on the floor like a dog, waiting for scraps, kept your portions under control. That’s one aproach – just follow other people around for the Holidays and feed off their discards. Never actually buy food. Observe the technique, below:

  8. Your salad is a work of art! Unfortunately, the stuffing/dressing called to me and I managed to gain a pound in the last 2 days. How discouraging. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things today.

    Gotta go out and shop for some militants!

    • “Gotta go out and shop for some militants!”

      HA! I see what you did there – very clever!

      With the huge success of your recent, award-winning weight loss, it’d be pretty depressing if you caved to temptation now. Of course, that you only gained 1 lb. after Thanks Giving is still pretty impressive. Maybe if you find a few Militants on sale at Target this weekend, you can make them follow you around, threatening you every time you reach for a bite? They’d like that, I’m sure.

      • I got back on track and ended up losing 2 pounds over the long weekend, AND I got my house all cleaned for THanksgiving AND I put the tree up. Sorry to brag, but why does stuff like this give such a feeling of accomplishment? I’m sure discovering a cure for some disease wouldn’t give the warm, cozy glow of tackling the long-overdue cleaning of a closet.

        • I’m with you on that – but I’ve learned to just embrace anything that brings a sense of accomplishment… including getting out of bed in the morning, taking out the trash, kicking the neighbors stray garbage can offa my grass and back into the street…
          Congrats for getting back in gear!

  9. Oooh, I LOVE edible flowers – you don’t seem them often, but they do make a salad that much more beautiful. Lovely lovely pics!

    • Thanks, Girly!

      I grow my own, so I know they are pesticide-free, and love the ‘Pretty Factor’ they add to salads. Your post just triggerd me to write my first in a series for the Holidays. Thanks :D

  10. That salad is like a work of art! And I adore that plate! Mid-Century Atomic-Age stuff is the bomb (ha! get it? Bomb!).
    I always got tired of never getting enough turkey leftovers, so for the past few years, I’ve cooked my own turkey just for my husband and I. It prevents a lot of violence at the in-laws fighting over scraps, that’s for sure.

    • Smart move, Amy. Violent Thanksgivings, though most memorable, are fraught with the risk of offending your possible Secret Santa, and getting a crummy gift come chrissmas.

  11. I plan on eating my scale.
    Take that, you lying *beep* *beep *beep*! :)

  12. Dr. Jensen

    That’s a mighty fine looking salad, there; my dad’s somewhat of a “fine chef” and has been talking about keeping a garden, and we supposedly have good soil here despite living in the middle of the desert.

    Would you believe my Thanksgiving dinner consisted of two slices of honey ham (from the hock, of course, which was later turned into potato soup!), some green bean casserole and potatoes au-gratin? I guess my holiday slim-and-trim plan is not to overindulge, because I hate the heavy feeling I get after I eat. Also, I play tennis at least four times a week, so I like to think I’m getting enough exercise to counteract all the Twix and Oreos I eat. :D The best way to burn calories without effort? Go stand outside in sub-zero weather without a jacket for a half hour or so. Your body will have to tap into some of those stored holiday pounds to keep you from dying of hypothermia. Do that a few times a week for a month and I guarantee you’ll be significantly lighter, albeit a little frostbitten…

    Twix are friggn’ amazing.

    • Haven’t had a Twix in ages…gluten!

      Come to think of it, I used to have a horse- the first winter, I called the vet in for her dental work, and he informed me she had lost 50 lbs! And it was from fighting off cold weather. So, it’s no joke, go outside in the snow and ice and shake, and we can all shiver off those Holiday fat pounds..

      Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds positively shitty.

      • Dr. Jensen

        Shame! They’re delicious with all their caramel and cookie-ness, despite the fact that they’re milk chocolate.

        I was reading somewhere about how the fat in our bodies is just fuel and really will “burn” (it also mentioned how our brains would boil if we didn’t have hair and stood in the hot sun long enough) which is how our bodies heat themselves. So, it only makes sense that extreme cold will force us to burn all that fat to keep from freezing to death…until you don’t have anymore left. D:

        We chose to be unorthodox for Thanksgiving.

  13. Looks awesome! My Mom fed me so many carrots as a child, I apparently turned orange! Seriously.

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