15 Proven Confidence Builders

Let’s face it. Some days, we all need a little support, something that will build up our confidence, lift our self-esteem, and just make us feel extra special. What follows is borrowed from my personal stash, plus a dozen more generic confidence builders. These are offered free of charge. Share them whenever you see someone feeling down, unloved, and just generally savaged by life. Enjoy!

Confidence Builders for my own personal use:

Confidence Builders for the Ladies:

Confidence Bulders for the Men:

Confidence Builders for Gays:

Confidence Builder for Lesbians:

Confidence Builder For Kids:

And, lastly, Confidence Builders for Pets:

And so, what are your secret confidence builders? Anyone? 

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30 thoughts on “15 Proven Confidence Builders

  1. I feel more confident already!

    • No problem! Glad I could assist. (God knows you must need it with all of those dooshes sweeping into your hotel every day)

  2. so i was throughly enjoying this post…AND THEN, the scary clown. I can’t even recall anything else or what the post was about…HAHAHAH ACK!

    Okay, wait I do remember thinking that was a very sexy pic of Vin. AND George Clooney and Brad…mmmm. :)

    Lake Forest CA

    • Not a fan of the Scary Clown, eh, Sandi? This is from a person who got a kick out of those Scary Houses on amusement piers as a kid. And when do Brad and George NOT take a good picture…mmmmm is right.

  3. Spectra:
    I saw Clark Gabel and forgot what I was doing…what was this post about?

    • hehhehheh…then the post had its desired effect…make you forget everything except that you are fantastic! I had a raging crush on Clark Gable as a teen.

      Enjoy your time off. I look forward to seeing you re-fueled, although you seem to me to be pretty on-fire, as usual, in your writing.

  4. These are awesome! Love that the Angelina one for men and women is the same – hilarious!
    But, yeah, that clown . . . I’ll tell you anything you want if you just never show that again. Creepy!

    • I promise…no more scary clowns. I hope. Why do clowns freak some people out? I think Krusty, on the Simpsons, is histerical. Even as a kid, yes, freaks, but, oh, how I ogled clowns, just waiting for their bag of tricks to be revealed…always thinking I could outsmart their evil ways.

      What on earth was I thinking?

  5. hahahhaha… ripply!!!!

  6. Oh Sweet G, I can’t stop laughing… or is it crying? It’s hard to tell after the Bozo pic!

  7. These are great. The George Clooney/Brad Pitt threesome idea made me think for a few minutes. But you have a spelling error on the angelina pics. It should be “you’re hot as hell.”

    • Yeah, I did mispell it on purpose, to save room ;) Obviously, I am not that particular about my spelling when it comes to my “High Art”! Creative License, I got one.

  8. That kitten is awesome! Just awesome.

  9. Wow, that was great! That Clark Gable ‘stach is pretty sweet, maybe I’ll feel more confident if I grow one of those. That’s some scary pussy at the end though… YIKES!

  10. I actually laughed really hard at the clown pic!! :)

    • Well, based on the current response polls, the scary clown was the most striking image. Wow! Had no idea so many adults still had issues with freaky clowns…reminds me of Seinfeld! Live and learn.

  11. Yo Babe,

    Bozo was great always liked clowns. I could never beat the bag of tricks either. After seeing the scary pussy pic at the end I may have to stay in this weekend and behave myself.
    Great post, love your writing.

    • Yeah, right…stay in. And do what? Suffer in silence and shoot fotos of small potted bathroom plants? I think not.

  12. Mmmm…Clark Gable. I may be feeling a bit overconfident now.

    • You deserve to feel overconfident! He loves you, and he told me so…(check out my “about” page…I time travel, and I know Clark Personally in another ‘realm’). He loves you madly and is trying to get an intimate message to you!)

  13. You’ve pretty much covered every category for which I might need confidence. Thank you for the important work you’re doing.

    • Glad to cover you. Especially at this very unique time, what with your Fringe Festival work in Edinburg this month. Figured you could use all the confidence building I could muster! (((tho I’m sure you will set that stage on fire, comrade!!)))

  14. P.S. I just “liked” my own post. Conceited, much?

  15. I was sooooo in love with Clark Gable when I was in high school! All the other girls had pictures of Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix in their lockers…I had Clark Gable.
    Have you seen Clark Gable singing “Putting on the Ritz”? – cracks me up everytime. I always find laughter (especially a good giggle) to be an excellent confidence booster.

    • No, I don’t believe I ever saw Clark sing. Or dance for that matter! I too loved Clark as a teen, I used to dream about him. He was so big, manly and sexy. My friend bought me his biography for my 16th birthday. I’ll have to go check You Tube for that Puttin’ on the Ritz number – I bet it’s funny!

  16. Man, that clown is so hot…

    Clown is my pet name for Angelina, by the way. Honest.

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